Pricing Model/Engine Choices

2stroke 125cc (learner Legal) - £2995 OTR
2stroke 150cc (Sport Engine) - £3150 OTR
4stroke 125cc (learner Legal) - £3195 OTR
4stroke 125cc (AUTOMATIC) - £3295 OTR
4stroke 151cc (Tourer) - £3295 OTR
4stroke 200cc (Max Power) - £3495 OTR


In 1972 the Rally 200 had the largest engine of any Vespa at that time being a development of the earlier Rally 180 that came before a few years before. It retaining the panels from the SS180 design, glovebox and spare wheel under the side panel. The horncast featured the hexagon symbol but visually and most noticable on the Rally 200 was its sporting 'electronic' graphics and large round headlamp which set it apart from previous models like the GS160 and SS180. Later that decade saw the launch of the PX and then the LML in the 1990's. Just slight changes made to improve reliability, performance and ride.

Thanks to LML India, whos colaboration with piaggio in the 1990s to build the vespa, still continue building scooters today now called the LML Star. However this modern PX design is not for everyone with many wanting that original 1960's look so we re-created the Rally with our vintage bodykit. We take a brand new LML Star (2 or 4 stroke variants), we custom fit the original design panels, mudguard, bumper and indicators to offer the authentic vintage look. We don't use cheap fibreglass or plastic side panels and mudguards, we use metal body panels made to the original specification and specially adjusted to fit the LML Star and Vespa PX. Additional smaller parts are made in high quality ABS also designed and produced inhouse by us. This custom body change, requires no holes drilled and the scooter can be put back to standard modern design if required. But the real beauty of this scooter is that whilst it looks like a vintage scooter it is still a brand new scooter which you do not need an MOT for 3 years and has a 24 month warranty. Enjoy the reliability of a new scooter, the latest modern engines and all the modern features underneath but with the true classic vintage design.

Many other options are also available, choose a standard benchseat (available in a choice of colours), vintage sprung benchseat or retro saddles (2stroke only), chrome accessories, whitewall tyres and even our 'ultimate finish' an age related numberplate. We can apply an original 1960's numberplate, which works in the same way as a private (cherished plate), once fitted most people will see the old number plate and think its an original scooter ! A perfect finish to your vintage look.

Available in 12 base Colour/s: White, Black, Silver, Red, Avacado(olive), Ivory(engwhite), NavyMetBlue, Orange, Yellow, Graphite, Ocean Blue Metalic and Rosso Metalic. The panels, headset top, horncover and mudguard are colour coded to match or can be offset in any colour you like, as shown above or take insirpation from other scooters you have seen and send us you ideas. Unlike a classic restoration, the turnaround time is much faster and your scooter can be ready in 3-4weeks.

PDI and Delivery

PDI ( pre delivery inspection ) is included in the price, so your scooter is ready to ride as soon as it arrives. We also offer a UK delivery service, using a network of insured motorcycle couriers who will deliver to your door for £150

Optional Extras

Vintage 'Vespa' Badge Set - £30
Vintage Trim Strip Kit - £20
Retro Twin Saddle Seats (2stroke Only) - £100
AgeDated Black/Silver Numberplate - £250
Original Design Glovebox - £120
Other accessories available


LML Star Brochure


If you would like to order a complete scooter, or if you have any questions please call 0208 150 7274 or Email Us with your requirements.